DevTools 2.17.0 release notes

Dart & Flutter DevTools - A Suite of Performance Tools for Dart and Flutter

Inspector Updates

  • Added support for manually setting the package directories for your app. If you’ve ever loaded the Inspector and noticed that some of your widgets aren’t present in the widget tree, this might indicate that the package directories for your app haven’t been set or detected properly. Your package directories determine which widgets the Inspector considers to be from your application. If you see an empty Inspector widget tree, or if you develop widgets across multiple packages and want widgets from all these locations to show up in your tree, check the Inspector Settings dialog to ensure that your package directories are properly configured. - #4306


Performance Updates

  • Added a Frame Analysis tab to the Performance page. When analyzing a janky Flutter frame, this view provides hints for how to diagnose the jank and detects expensive operations that might have contributed to the slow frame time. This view also shows a breakdown of your Flutter frame time per phase (Build, Layout, Paint, and Raster) to try to guide you in the right direction



More details about changes and fixes are available in the DevTools changelog.