DevTools 2.19.0 release notes

Dart & Flutter DevTools&emdash;A suite of performance tools for Dart and Flutter

Performance updates

  • Added a button to toggle the visibility of the Flutter Frames chart - #4577 diff
  • Polish the debug mode warning to better describe which data is accurate in debug mode and which data may be misleading - #3537
  • Reorder performance tool tabs and only show the CPU profiler for the “Timeline Events” tab - #4629

Memory updates

  • Improvements to the memory Profile tab - #4583

Debugger updates

  • Fix an issue with hovercards where they were appearing but never disappearing - #4627
  • Fix a bug with the file search autocomplete dialog - #4409

Network profiler updates

  • Added a “Copy” button in the Network Request view (thanks to @netos23) - #4509


More details about changes and fixes are available in the DevTools changelog.