DevTools 2.20.0 release notes

Dart & Flutter DevTools&emdash;A suite of performance tools for Dart and Flutter

CPU profiler updates

  • Add support for grouping samples by tag - #4693

    samples by tag

  • Enable guidelines for tree view - #4722


  • Rename “Profile granularity” to “CPU sampling rate” and move down to the area it relates to - #4803

    sampling rate

Memory updates

  • Retire the Analysis tab - #4714

  • Add a new tab, Diff, to enable memory leak detection and troubleshooting by comparing heap snapshots, and providing insights about the number of instances, shallow size, retained size, and retaining paths - #4714


Debugger updates

  • Support for inspecting more types of instances in the variables viewer (Expandos, Types, TypeArguments, Parameters, Closures + closure Contexts, WeakProperty, Function, FunctionType, ReceivePort, Closure, RegExp) - #4760

  • Add support for displaying coverage in CodeView - #4700


Network updates

  • Display request data if content type is not json (thanks to leungpuikuen@!) - #4602


More details about changes and fixes are available in the DevTools changelog.