Flutter inspector

Flutter widget 检查器是一个用于探索和可视化 Flutter widget 树的强大的工具。

The Flutter widget inspector is a powerful tool for visualizing and exploring Flutter widget trees.

Flutter 框架使用 widget 作为从控件(文本,按钮,切换等)到布局(居中,填充,行,列等)的任何内容的核心构建块。检查器是可视化和探索 Flutter 这些 widget 树的强大工具。在以下情况它非常有用:

The Flutter framework uses widgets as the core building block for anything from controls (text, buttons, toggles, etc.) to layout (centering, padding, rows, columns, etc.). The inspector is powerful tool for visualizing and exploring Flutter these widget trees. It can be helpful when:

  • 理解现有布局

    Understanding existing layouts

  • 诊断布局问题

    Diagnosing layout issues

IntelliJ Flutter inspector window


Getting started with the inspector

检查器现在已经可以在 Android Studio 以及 IntelliJ IDEA 中的 Flutter 插件 中获取。

The inspector is currently available in the Flutter plugin for Android Studio, or IntelliJ IDEA.

要开始检查,请单击 Flutter 检查器工具栏上的“Select widget”,然后单击设备以选择一个 widget。被选中的 widget 将会在设备以及 widget 树中高亮显示。

To start click “Select widget” on the Flutter inspector toolbar, and then click on the device to select a widget. The selected widget is then highlighted on the device and in the widget tree.

Select Demo

然后,你可以浏览 IDE 中的交互式 widget 树,以查看附近的 widget 并查看其字段值。如果你正在尝试调试布局问题,那么 Widget 图层的树可能还不够详细。在这种情况下,单击“Render Tree”选项卡以查看与树中相同位置所对应的渲染树。在调试布局问题时,关键要检查 sizeconstraints 字段。约束向 widget 树的下方传递,而大小则会传递回来。

You can then browse around the interactive widget tree in the IDE to view nearby widgets and see their field values. If you are trying to debug a layout issue, then the Widget layer’s tree might be insufficiently detailed. In that case, click the Render Tree tab to view the render tree corresponding to the same location in the tree. When debugging layout issues, the key fields to look at are the size and constraints fields. The constraints flow down the tree, and the sizes flow back up.

Switch Trees

有关检查器的更完整演示,请参阅 DartConf 2018 演讲

For a more complete demonstration of the inspector, see the DartConf 2018 talk.



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