Dart in Google Engineer

As part of the Dart open source project, the Dart in Google team ensures that the latest and greatest Dart technologies are available to Google developers. The team is currently looking for another software engineer. In the Dart in Google team, you'll:

  • Enable Google Dart developers to use sound null safety.
  • Collaborate closely with the Dart team and its internal customers.
  • Elevate Google Dart developer productivity.

Job responsibilities

  1. Identify opportunities for higher developer productivity.
  2. Work with the Dart team to make Dart a superb language stack in Google.
  3. Own Dart's core build rules used by all of Google's Dart users.
  4. Maintain and improve the infrastructure that keeps Dart fresh in Google.
  5. Assist Dart users in their migrations to new language versions.

Job location

  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Aarhus, Denmark

Minimum qualifications

You must meet these minimum qualifications to apply for this job

  • Build infrastructure development experience
  • Proficient in written and verbal English
  • Enjoy working with customer teams

Preferred qualifications

Having these qualifications is a plus, but transferable skills/experiences may be equally valuable

  • Experience with Flutter or Dart
  • Experience in bazel or similar build systems
  • Prior contributions to open source projects
  • A passion for programming languages
  • Static code analysis knowledge

To apply

Please apply at the Google Careers site and mention this page/URL in the Cover letter/other notes section.