Flutter Developer Relations Engineer

Flutter Developer Relations (DevRel) grows and supports the Dart and Flutter developer communities. We onboard and retain developers by building a fun, smart, and approachable culture, providing resources to help them succeed, and advocating on their behalf.

As a Developer Relations Engineer on the team, you'll join a community of developers using Dart and Flutter to build apps for mobile, web, and desktop.

Job responsibilities

  • Become one of Flutter's public representatives, and contribute new content to Flutter's YouTube channel and social presence.
  • Engineer new features for DartPad and the Dart and Flutter websites.
  • Design and build code samples for GitHub, DartPad, user studies, and live audiences.
  • Write in-depth technical guides, examples, and codelabs.
  • Advocate for the needs of Flutter developers, and appear where Flutter developers come together. Teach them, answer their questions, and listen to them.

Job location

  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Mountain View, CA
  • Remote within the U.S.

Minimum qualifications

You must meet these minimum qualifications to apply for this job:

  • Ability to work in the U.S.
  • 2 years of experience as a software engineer, developer, or equivalent technical experience
  • Experience in a technical consulting or customer-facing capacity
  • Experience working with Dart, Flutter, JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, Go, and/or web technologies

Preferred qualifications

Having these qualifications is a plus, but transferable skills/experiences may be equally valuable:

  • Experience in advocacy for under-served developer populations
  • Experience contributing to an open source project
  • Experience using Flutter in combination with other technology, such as cloud projects, machine learning, etc.

To apply

Please apply at the Google Careers site and mention this page/URL in the Cover letter/other notes section.