Supported platforms

Supported platforms

As of the current release, Flutter supports the following platforms:

Platform Version Channels
Android API 19 & above All
iOS iOS 9 & above All
Linux Debian 10 & above All
macOS El Capitan & above All
Web Chrome 84 & above All
Web Firefox 72.0 & above All
Web Safari on El Capitan & above All
Web Edge 1.2.0 & above All
Windows Windows 7 & above All

All channels include master, beta and stable channels.

Please note - dev channel has been retired. Refer to this blog for more information.

How we define a supported platform

We define three tiers of support for the platforms on which Flutter runs:

  1. Supported Google-tested platforms, which are platforms the Flutter team at Google tests in continuous integration at every commit.
  2. Best effort platforms, supported community testing, which are platforms we believe we support through coding practices and ad-hoc testing, but rely on the community for testing.
  3. Unsupported platforms, which are platforms that may work, but that the development team does not directly test or support.

Supported Google-tested platforms

Platform Version
Android Android SDK 30
Android Android SDK 29
Android Android SDK 28
Android Android SDK 27
Android Android SDK 26
Android Android SDK 25
Android Android SDK 24
Android Android SDK 23
Android Android SDK 22
Android Android SDK 21
Android Android SDK 19
iOS 14-15
iOS 9.3.6
Web Chrome 84
Web Firefox 72.0
Web Safari / Catalina
Web Edge 1.2.0
Windows Windows 10
macOS El Capitan & greater
Linux Debian 10

Note that Android SDK 20 is covered by testing Android SDK 19, as the differences between the two platform versions are minimal.

Best effort platforms tested by the community

Platform Version
Android Android SDK 22
Android Android SDK 20
Android Android SDK 19
Android Android SDK 18
Android Android SDK 17
Android Android SDK 16
iOS iOS 9-13
Windows Windows 8
Windows Windows 7
Linux Debian & below

We have dropped iOS8 support. For more information, see go/rfc-ios8-deprecation for details.

Unsupported platforms

Platform Version
Android Android SDK 15 & below
iOS iOS 8 & below
Windows Windows Vista & below
Windows Any 32-bit platform
macOS Yosemite & below