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2019 年 9 月 10 日

Sept 10, 2019

Flutter 1.9 正式发布!

Flutter 1.9 is live!

更多信息,请查看 本文,和 1.9.1 的 发行注记

For more information, see Flutter news from GDD China: uniting Flutter on web and mobile, and introducing Flutter 1.9 and the 1.9.1 release notes.

随着 1.9 版本的发布,在 Web 平台运行 Flutter 的代码正式被合并到主 repo,但是 在 Web 平台的支持尚未达到 Beta 阶段,请不要用在生产环节。 Web 和即将到来的桌面端支持将会影响本站的内容,如下列出了一些更新,更多的更新将会在稍后时间发布:

For the 1.9 release, Flutter’s web support has been merged (“unforked”) into the main repo. Web support hasn’t reached beta, and is not ready to be used in production. Web and desktop support (which is also coming), will impact the website, which was originally written exclusively for developing Flutter mobile apps. Some website updates are available now (and listed below), but more will be coming.


New and updated docs on the site include:


Other relevant docs:

祝你在 Flutter 应用的开发中有一个愉快的经历和体验!

Happy Fluttering!


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新接触 Flutter 吗

New to Flutter?

你可以从 安装和环境配置 开始,也可以上手试试看 第一个 Flutter 应用的开发

Once you’ve gone through Get Started, including Write Your First Flutter App, here are some next steps.



看我们为各种已经有相关平台开发经验的开发者准备的文档: 给 Android 开发者的 Flutter 指南给 iOS 开发者的 Flutter 指南给 React Native 开发者的 Flutter 指南给 Web 开发者的 Flutter 指南给 Xamarin.Forms 开发者的 Flutter 指南

Coming from another platform? Check out: Android, iOS, Web, React Native, Xamarin.Forms

Flutter 中的布局
学习如何在 Flutter 中创建布局,在 Flutter 里,所有事物都是 widget。

[Building layouts in Flutter][]
Learn how to create layouts in Flutter, where everything is a widget.

为你的 Flutter 应用加入交互体验
在 app 里使用有状态的 widget。

Adding interactivity to your Flutter app
Learn how to add a stateful widget to your app.

Widgets 介绍
学习 Flutter 响应式框架的核心。

A tour of the Flutter widget framework
Learn more about Flutter’s react-style framework.


Get the answers to frequently asked questions.



我们在 YouTube 上有一个 视频频道,欢迎订阅!更多视频和播放列表介绍,以及社区制作的视频教程,可以查看我们的 Flutter 技术视频资源 页面。

We also have some helpful videos on our Flutter Youtube channel! In particular, check out the Flutter in Focus series, and learn about other series on our videos page.

首先你需要知道,为何我们要使用 Flutter?是什么让它与众不同?

First up, why use Flutter? What makes it different than other app frameworks?

视频名称:使用 Flutter 开发应用与其他有何不同

How is Flutter different for app development?

FiF 系列视频:十分钟以内学会一个 Flutter 特性
Flutter in Focus 播放列表

Flutter in Focus: Learn Flutter features in 10 minutes or less.
Flutter in Focus playlist

Flutter 里 “所有的事物都是 widget”,如果你想更好了解有状态和无状态的 widget,请关注 Flutter in Focus 系列视频

In Flutter, “everything is a widget”! If you want to better understand the two kinds of widgets, Stateless and Stateful, see the following videos, part of the Flutter in Focus series.


Want to skill up?

如果你想看工程师们在线写代码、写 bug、修 bug,请关注 Boring Flutter Show 系列视频

If you learn best by watching engineers write code, make mistakes, and fix them, check out the Boring Flutter Show video series:

Boring Flutter Show 系列视频


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