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July 9, 2019

Flutter 1.7 正式发布!

Flutter 1.7 is live!

请参见 这个文章 了解更多 1.7 的更新内容,在 Flutter wiki 页面 查看 1.7.8 的具体更新。


For more information, see Announcing Flutter 1.7 on the Flutter Medium Publication, and the 1.7.8 release notes on the Flutter wiki.

Flutter 1.7 版本的更新同时加入了 RangeSlider 这个 widget,可以让用户选择在最大值和最小值之间选择一个数字,本周稍晚些时候,在 Flutter 官方博客里可以看到关于这篇文章的介绍和以及如何自定义它,请关注: 这里

The Flutter 1.7 release includes the new RangeSlider component, which allows the user to select both the upper and lower endpoints in a range of values. For information about this component and how to customize it, see Material RangeSlider in Flutter.

May 7, 2019, Google I/O Edition

2019 年 5 月 7 日,Google I/O 版本

Flutter 1.5 发布啦

Flutter 1.5 is live!

更多关于此次发布的信息,可以在这里查看 release notes 或者 下载最新版本

For more information on updates, see the release notes or download the release.

我们正在更新 DartPad 以支持 Flutter,可以通过这个新的 codelab Flutter 布局基础教程 来试试看吧。

We are updating DartPad to work with Flutter. Try our new Basic Flutter layout codelab and tell us what you think!

February 26, 2019

Flutter released version 1.2 at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. For more information, see the release notes or download the release.

In addition, here are some recent new and updated docs:

If you have questions or comments about any of these docs, file an issue.

November 5, 2018

Welcome to the revamped Flutter website!

We’ve spent the last few months redesigning the website and how its information is organized. We hope you can more easily find the docs you are looking for. Some of the changes to the website include:

  • Revised front page
  • Revised showcase page
  • Revised community page
  • Revised navigation in the left side bar
  • Table of contents on the right side of most pages

Some of the new content includes:

If you have questions or comments about the revamped site, file an issue.