Flutter Web Engineer

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase (https://flutter.dev). Flutter Web is an API-compatible Flutter runtime for web.

The Flutter team is looking to improve the performance, size, stability and graphics beauty provided by the Flutter Web Engine. To that end, we’re seeking software engineers to join our team and contribute to this effort.

In the “Web Engineer” role, you’ll be part of a team that is tasked with the following mandates:

  • Provide a web runtime that provides developers full API compatibility with other platforms implementations.
  • Close collaboration with Flutter framework team to improve both desktop development and web patterns so that Flutter applications have native feel and functionality on the web.
  • Triage and address issues to make Flutter apps stable and delightful.
  • Focus on high rendering quality and performance.
  • Nurture a thriving community of contributions from open-source developers by reviewing GitHub pull requests (PRs).

Job responsibilities

  1. Ownership of or assistance with one or more of Flutter's web engine subsystems (such as Text editing/rendering, Accessibility, CLI/CI).
  2. Improving Flutter web rendering backends (DOM and CanvasKit).
  3. Working with the Flutter framework team in areas such as desktop widgets, keyboard/gesture system, performance and test infrastructure.
  4. Participate in shared team responsibilities like issue triage, code review, design review, and bug fixing.

Job location

Any location will be considered.

Minimum qualifications

You must meet these minimum qualifications to apply for this job

  • Software development experience in Web Frameworks, Javascript, CSS, HTML
  • Proficient in written and verbal English
  • Enjoys working in a team environment
  • Self-motivated and possesses a good work ethic

Preferred qualifications

Having these qualifications is a plus, but transferable skills/experiences may be equally valuable

  • Prior experience with web frameworks & technologies.
  • Experience in performance debugging and optimization and/or web client infrastructure.
  • Dart experience
  • Possesses a good sense of API design
  • Enjoys learning new technologies

To apply

Please apply by filling out the following form.