Dart 语言指引

初学 Dart 语言?我们准备了一些最受欢迎的资源来帮助你快速上手 Dart。很多人说,Dart 是非常简单易学的。我们希望这些资源同样能够让你学习 Dart 变得更加简单。

New to the Dart language? We compiled our favorite resources to help you quickly learn Dart. Many people have reported that Dart is easy and fun to learn. We hope these resources make Dart easy for you to learn, too.

Dart 语言学习之旅
这是对 Dart 语言最好的介绍。能够帮助你学习 Dart 的特性,比如 强类型闭包词法作用域顶级函数命名参数async / await 等等。

Language tour
Your best introduction to the Dart language. Learn about Dart’s features such as strong types, closures, libraries, lexical scoping, top-level functions, named parameters, async / await, and lots more.

Dart 库学习之旅
这是一个对 Dart 强大的核心库的概述。你能够学习到关于 Dart 对于集合、async、math、number、strings、JSON 的支持。

Library tour
A good overview of Dart’s powerful core libraries. Learn about Dart’s support for collections, async, math, numbers, strings, JSON, and more.

给 Java 开发者的 Dart 入门代码实验室
使用你的 Java 知识来快速上手 Dart。你可以在这个 Java 指南中学习关于类、构造器、参数和接口的相关案例。

Intro to Dart for Java Developers
Use your Java knowledge to get up and running quickly with Dart. Learn about classes, constructors, parameters, and interfaces with examples from the Java Tutorial.

高效 Dart 指南

Effective Dart
Guides for style, authoring documentation, usage, and more.

异步编程: futures, async, await 指南
这能够帮助你在 Dart 核心库中熟练使用 Futures。Futures 可以用来替代一次性回调。

Asynchronous programming: futures, async, await
Learn how to use Futures, which are used extensively in the Dart core libraries. Futures can be used instead of one-time callbacks.

异步编程: Streams 指南
这能够帮助你在 Dart 核心库中熟练使用 Streams。其中 Streams 可以用来替代重复使用的回调。比如,我们在 File 类 中可以使用 Streams 从文件中读取字节。

Asynchronous programming: streams
Learn how to use Streams, which are used extensively in the Dart core libraries. Streams can be used instead repeating callbacks. For example, the File class uses Streams to read bytes from a file.

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