DevTools 2.14.0 release notes

Dart & Flutter DevTools - A Suite of Performance Tools for Dart and Flutter

General Updates


Network Updates

  • Added “Copy as URL” and “Copy as cURL” actions for selected requests in the network profiler (special thanks to @jankuss!)- #4113


Flutter Inspector Updates

  • Added a setting to control whether hovering over a widget in the inspector displays its properties and values in a hover card - #4090

Debugger Updates

  • Added auto complete suggestions in the console (special thanks to @jankuss!) - #4062


  • Added the option to copy the full file path for a selected library - #4147
  • Fixed formatting in the debugger exception menu - #4066

Memory Updates

  • Fixed formatting for memory values in the heap tree view - #4153
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing GC events from showing up in the memory chart - #4131

Performance Updates

  • Warn users that the rendering layer toggles in the “More Debugging Options” menu are not available for profile mode apps - #4075


More details about changes and fixes are available in our changelog.