DevTools 2.9.2 release notes

Dart & Flutter DevTools - A Suite of Performance Tools for Dart and Flutter

General Updates

  • Take our 2022 DevTools survey! Provide your feedback and help us improve your development experience. This survey prompt will show up directly in DevTools sometime in mid-February.

survey prompt

Note: If you are having issues launching the survey, please make sure you have upgraded to the latest Flutter stable branch 2.10. There was a bug in DevTools (fixed in #3574) that prevented the survey from being able to be opened, and unless you are on Flutter 2.10, this bug will still be present._

Performance Updates

  • Added frame numbers to x-axis the Flutter frames chart - #3526

frame numbers

Debugger Updates

  • Fix a bug where the File Explorer in the Debugger did not show contents after a hot restart - #3527


More details about changes and fixes are available in our changelog.